About Eckford

Eckford is a small rural village set in stunning scenery in the heart of the Scottish Borders. The village hall is Eckford’s only remaining public facility as the Post Office, Shop, Church and school have long since closed. We believe the hall plays a vital role in strengthening community spirit in the Parish of Eckford which is situated between the towns of Kelso and Jedburgh.

Please visit the History of Eckford website. This website spawned from a millennium project by the Eckford SWI (Scottish Women's Institute) to update The History of Eckford Parish, a document originally collated in 1966 to commemorate their fortieth anniversary. To find out more see www.eckford.org.uk in the history section.

Eckford Village Hall  was built in the 1930's by the Eckford Community on land owned by the Duke of Buccleuch it has been operating as a community venue ever since.  

The Jubilee Path (14 mile circular walk) starts from the Car Park of Eckford Village Hall  (see Historical section for further information).  The river photograph below was taken on the Kalemouth stretch of the route.
     Eckford Village Hall 2011 Kalemouth cjt upw seat (Copy)Kalmeouth

SEE HISTORICAL SECTION FOR FURTHER INFORMATION https://www.crailingeckfordnisbet.co.uk/historical

Village Images

Haughhead and Grahamslaw Margaret Jeary, 09/08/2021)
Flood Ormiston Mill 2015 Margaret Jeary 08/08/2021
Wooden Loch Margaret Jeary  08/08/2021
Bus shelter accident Nov 2020 Margaret Jeary, Eckford, 09/08/2021
Teviot flood 1986 Margaret Jeary 09/08/2021
River Teviot at Ormiston Margaret Jeary 09/08/2021)
Eckford Church winter 2011 Margaret Jeary 09/08/2021)
Ormiston Mill Margaret Jeary  09/08/2021
Eckford Mill Bridge 2008 Margaret Jeary 09/08/2021
Bridge at Eckford Mill 2008 Margaret Jeary 09/08/2021)
Eckford Kirk in the Snow 2010 Margaret Jeary 08/08/2021
Stone with engraved words. Margaret Jeary 08/08/2021
Kale Water at Grahamslaw Margaret Jeary 08/08/2021)
The dovecote at Haughhead  Margaret Jeary, Eckford, 08/08/2021)
Haughhead Margaret Jeary 08/08/2021
Teviot at Kalemouth, 02/06/2021, Sheila Campbell
River Teviot, Kalemouth July 2021
Eckford Main Street, Snowfall 2021 (SC)
Fields from The Loaining
Eckford Main Street
Lorry through Eckford M HIrst
Peniel Heugh from, Eckford, March 2021
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