Democracy Matters - Have Your Say


Democracy Matters - Have Your Say

The Scottish Government’s Democracy Matters consultation is still open to responses (closes 28 February 2024).

The consultation asks about whether some decisions, about a wide range of Scotland’s vital public services that are currently the responsibility of either national or local government, should be taken closer to the people they most affect.

This will guide the work which Scottish Government, local government, public sector partners, and the community sector will need to do together to design in detail how the new arrangements could be made to work in practice in diverse community settings.

An ambitious approach to changing how powers and resources are shared will be complex. In the first phase of Democracy Matters conversations people told the Scottish Government that they should continue to work with them and take the necessary time to get it right.

The Scottish Government must be sure future arrangements respond to people’s desire for all communities to have the right to take real power into their own hands, but to be able to do this their own way and at their own pace.
The Scottish Government must be sure these arrangements are set up in a way that will benefit everyone, particularly those who experience negative outcomes under current decision-making arrangements.
The consultation is available at Democracy Matters - Scottish Government consultations - Citizen Space and more information is available on the Scottish Government’s website Democracy matters phase 2 consultation - local governance review - (

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