Community Council Chair's Report March 2024


Community Council Chair's Report March 2024


My name is Charlie Robertson. I am the Acting Chair of the Community Council. I hope to prepare and issue a brief update on the work of the CC after each Meeting.

There was a Meeting of the Community Council held in the Lothian hall, Crailing on the 11th March.

This is a brief report on the main items discussed. The minutes of the Meeting will be published in due course and will be available on the Community Council Website under the [Minute] button at the following link:

Defibrillators As you will know, we have four defibrillators located in each village in our area. They will be due for renewal in the next three years and the CC has been looking at ways to raise the funds necessary to replace them. Currently we are looking at securing sponsorship from local businesses. One sponsor has come forward so far but we are still looking for more. If you know of any potential sponsors, please let me know.

Kalemouth Bridge A short progress report on the bridge and associated works was prepared by SBC officers and was tabled at the Meeting. This is available for inspection on the CC website at the following link:

The issues covered were progress towards refurbishment and access road flooding issues. I have a meeting scheduled with the SBC Officers and have been asked to discuss the possibility of the ‘dip’ in the road being filled in and the possibility of gritting the road during frost. Alternative access to Ormiston during flooding, via the old railway was raised with Lothian Estates. It would be possible to get the locked gates opened by contacting the Estate Office or Upper Nisbet Farm in times of flooding.

It is hoped to form a group to act as ‘Friends of Kalemouth Bridge’. Further details will be circulated in due course.

Path Network The offer to prepare a leaflet to accompany the President’s Walk was still awaiting a response from Lothian Estates.

Crailing Access to the A698  Further progress on the actions agreed to improve visibility for access to the A698 were noted. Trees had been cleared and the hedge had been trimmed. The only outstanding action was the erection of signs.

Nisbet 20 MPH Signage It was hoped to get the 20mph signs moved to increase safety in the area around the village, but there was no report on progress at this meeting.

Ulston The Resilience Store was damaged in the recent storms. The felt roof had been replaced.

Eckford The cul-de-sac in the village had been gritted and was now ‘in the schedule’.

AGM The AGM of the CC is on 3rd June 2024 at Lothian Hall, Crailing and planning has begun for the meeting. It is hoped to include a presentation on a topic of relevance and that there will be a good attendance. We will have some vacancies to fill at the meeting. If you are interested in joining the council – only six meetings per year – please contact me asap on the CEN website or at and I’ll get a Nomination Form out to you.

Planning Matters The CC had responded, with no objections, to an application for a dwelling east of Kirkbank House.

The next Meeting of the CC is on 13th May 2024 at Eckford Village Hall. The public are welcome to attend. If you have any items you would like us to discuss, please contact me via the CC website.

The full report is attached for those who wish to download it.

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