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Scottish Borders National Parks Newsletter

The Scottish Borders National Park latest newsletter
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Paths for All

Paths for All can help you to improve the health and wellbeing keep up to date with their latest news letter
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Kalemouth Suspension Bridge May 2022

Kalemouth Suspension Bridge remain closed to motor vehicles however it is accessible to walkers and cyclists.
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Become a member of Eckford Village Hall

Eckford Village Hall currently has 23 members. Can you help boost this total to100+? Check out the benefits
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Cardiac Arrest/Heart Attack - what's the difference?

Do you know the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack? Find out now
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Power Cut CALL 105

In the event of a power cut CALL 105
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Avoid Financial Fraud

A new way to stop financial fraud - Stop, Hang Up, Call159. Read on for more information.
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Utilities Emergency Numbers

Useful emergency numbers for gas, electricity and water for Scotland. Provided by SB Alert
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Teviot Electric Car Hire - Available now

Looking to hire a car for short journeys then why not take a bus to Hawick and pick up an electric car.
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Take Time to Talk

In these challenging times it is good to talk. There is someone who will listen with a professional ear.
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