Eckford Community Walk

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Eckford Community Walk

The Eckford Community Walk is a reasonably flat circular walking route popular with locals in the small rural village of Eckford. It starts at Eckford Village Hall, follows the Loaning (signed Jubilee Path), takes a right turn along a track towards Wooden Loch, then makes another right turn onto the Wooden Loch track which leads to Eckford Moss, then continues by road (passing cottages on the left), bringing walkers to a 'T' junction where a right turn will bring them back into the village. A distance of approximately 1.09 miles - the route can be identified on the plan attached. 

The area of this route known locally as the Wooden Loch Track, was frequently boggy, even in good weather,  to the point of making it difficult to traverse along it without climbing onto the verge or being ankle deep in mud.  Thanks to funding from the Fallago Rig Environment Fund the local Crailing, Eckford and Nisbet Community Council were able to upgrade that section of the track which is now accessible in all weathers.  

With so many people using this path for their daily/weekly exercise it provides a great opportunity for neighbours and strangers to meet up along the way have a chat, pass the time of day and catch up on the latest news.

If you have walked this route, delighted in the peace and quiet, marvelled at the wildlife or indulged in a wild damson or two, we would be delighted to receive your views by email on

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