1895 Crailing/Nisbet Regulations for Interments

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1895 Crailing/Nisbet Regulations for Interments

Crailing and Nisbet Churchyards

[Regulations for Interments adopted by Heritors on 4th October 1895]

"As a result of Covid lock-down, Julia Harrison from Lincoln, was  clearing out some old paperwork when she came across this precious document which had been found in a bureau that her parents purchased in the late 1980s in Chapel St Leanords. In 2005 the bureau was sold on but Julie hung on to the document. How or why, it ended up so far away from Crailing is a mystery however we are very grateful to Julie and her parents for (a) not destroying it in the first instance and (b) taking the time and trouble to send it back to the area from whence it came."

If, like Julie, you have uncovered any interesting documents that relate to the Crailing, Eckford and Nisbet Community Council area then please do get in touch.  The Community Council have decided to have this document framed (along with another that Julie provided) and displayed in Lothian Hall, Crailing for safekeeping and for the interest of the local community.

To see the full content of this document download the pdf below to your PC.

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