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Neighbourhood Watch Scotland /Selecta D N A Partnership


Neighbourhood Watch Scotland /Selecta D N A Partnership

Housebreaking is an ever present threat to households across Scotland. Neighbourhood Watch Scotland are excited to bring you information on our new partnership with SelectaDNA that brings you an excellent discounted price.

The SelectaDNA Neighbourhood Watch Kit offers the ultimate property marking solution to mark and protect your home, used in conjunction with the warning stickers supplied. SelectaDNA is proven to reduce housebreakings by up to 83%.

SelectaDNA work with hundreds of Neighbourhood watches across the UK to reduce crime within local communities. Police Scotland work widely with SelectaDNA on crime prevention projects within communities across Scotland.

The kit is available to every household whether within a Neighbourhood Watch, Rural Watch area and Neighbourhood Alert members. By using our unique code NHWSCOT25 you can purchase a kit for £25.00 including VAT and delivery. the normal retail price of this kit is £59.50.

To purchase the kit go to and use the code NHWSCOT25 and the kit will be delivered straight to your door.

Feel free to pass this on to your family or friends if you feel they may benefit from the offer.

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